Located in 浴, Maine, serving students in grades 9-12/postgraduate.


海德先念了五个字——勇气, 完整性, 领导, Curiosity and Concern along with a belief in the unique potential of every individual. 建校55年来, 海德尝试了许多不同的方法, 许多都经受住了时间的考验. Hyde has evolved over time while still holding its commitment to support and challenge each student while creating an environment of accountability with a deep sense of concern and care.



Too often people settle for what’s easy and convenient in education and in their lives. How many adults look back at their younger selves and wish they had just worked harder in their youth? Hyde is about challenging yourself to see what the best version of you can be. Former student James Murphy was told he would never achieve his dreams but watch his story of perseverance, 奉献, and grit and how he took his lessons from Hyde and created his own path to success.





Hyde's 内心的领导模式: 领导 comes from within.

The Biggest Job; School is for kids, Hyde is for families.


 Being able to host an in-person Fall Family Weekend on campus again is such a joy for our community. 项目 like this are at the core of what makes Hyde unique. 在这里,建立家庭联系是 至关重要的.  Enjoy some of the highlights from this past Fall Family Weekend!





“A lot of these experiences that Hyde made me do, pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. 我知道了我的声音有多强大.”-金伯利·詹姆斯,2020届毕业生 





“在海德 I learned to expand my thinking and take hold of my humility.”迈克尔·塞莱斯廷, 2020级 




“I have built good friendships with my American classmates.We help each other improve and challenge each other to be better leaders at Hyde.”-Fiona Liu, 2020届毕业生





9月18日星期六, 2021, Hyde hosted a celebration of the life of Robert Schuller, 78级.  Family and friends gathered around the newly built fire circle named for the alum and shared stories of his impact, both at Hyde and the amazing life he lived after he left campus. We invite you to watch the video of the ceremony and look through our photo gallery of this special day.



在海德 we start with an interview and end with a speech.
Every Senior makes a speech at Commencement, click here to see why:



sb体育都希望sb体育的孩子得到最好的. When Katherine Mondanaro’s girls began to fall through the cracks in the public school system, her family decided Hyde was the best option for them. She shares her families story; a story that may sound very familiar to you.





Malcom Gauld Wins Distinguished Service Award Written by Bob Felt Congratulations to our very own Malcolm Gauld ’71, for recently being awarded a Distinguished Service Award by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The award honors those individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to promoting high-quality education for all students through consistent and… 阅读更多»









“sb体育的经历对sb体育来说是惊人的. 我希望这种哲学能在文化上传播开来. 他们注重培养学生的性格, attitude and effort — and then they help families to support this at home. Ultimately, they believe, and I agree, that this is the basis of all future achievement. My 17-year-old son has gained a sense of himself that far exceeds the trajectory of where he was at 14. 我把这叫做反表面的高中经历. The usual situation being that everyone has something that they tout as their strength – i.e. 体育、学术、创意艺术等. and then hopes that no one will uncover their areas of doubt. 在海德, everyone is expected to participate in a fairly public way in everything – sports, 剧院, 公众演讲, 学者, 音乐, which would sound terrifying except that everyone has to do it. (包括教师). 作为一个结果, after a while it is not embarrassing and the students support each other; cheer each other on. The students genuinely get to know themselves and one another. 没有邪教, the faculty just expect a willingness to look honestly at self and be respectful of one another. The students who refuse at first to be respectful are given work detail on the school grounds or in the kitchen. 这有多糟糕? My son did a lot of it the first year and became a pretty good worker — he held 3 jobs that following summer. Now he seems to understand the value of being a positive member of society and puts more attention into his 学者 than ever before. He got a lot of support from older student friends to take care of himself and do better, which is part of the leadership development that they encourage. 现在他可以帮助新生了. 我很感激海德, my kid is such a pleasure to be around and I wasn’t saying that 3 years ago.”